Tax Planning

PAYING TOO MUCH TAX? – What To Do About It!

Check out this webinar and see how: Recently we helped “Jeff” a small business owner like you, save $36,000 in tax. Most Business owners FEEL that they may be paying too much tax. So enjoy the 20 ...

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Business Structure Advice: Are you in the Right One?

How does $34,000 TAXED SAVED sound? Have you ever wondered whether or not you’re in the right business structure? Or if you have no idea why you’re set up the way you are? To clear up the ...

Working Capital Timeline cashflow preview

Cash flow

[infographic] What’s Your Working Capital Timeline telling you?

Understanding your working capital timeline allows you to control it. Understanding how cash flows to and through your business is the first step on taming the beast and setting yourself up to win. Do...


[Infographic] Inspire CA’s Quarterly Results – June – September, 2015

Curious as to exactly how the Inspire CA business is performing? We’d like to share with you the story that our numbers tell. WHY? 1 – We couldn’t have made this impact without you. So THANK...

Meeting Room Hire Inspire Cafe

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Inspire Cafe Re-Launches as Inspire Business Hub

Recently Juan and I travelled to Sydney to attend Xerocon (for the unitiated Xerocon is a mega accounting nerd-fest, we’ll be posting more about what we learnt at the conference in the coming weeks)...

Brisbane Junior Chamber of Commerce

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Brisbane Junior Chamber of Commerce Speaking Resources 19 March 15

I’ve put together some resources that I mentioned throughout the Business Structuring and Tax workshop that was held at the Commonwealth Bank, organised by the Brisbane Junior Chamber of Commerc...

Accountants Brisbane One Hit Wonder

Business Innovation, Marketing

Sick of being a ‘One Sale Wonder’? How else can you serve your customers?

One of the biggest killers of highly profitable businesses is the ‘One Sale Wonder’. Now we’re all in business to serve our customers.  So we must believe that we provide value for ...

Age of Engagement

Business Innovation, Marketing

The Age of Engagement – Internet Marketing Evolution

Following on from last week’s post we’re continuing to uncover some of Roger Hamilton’s insights in to the future of markets, technology and doing business in the age of Web 3.0. Roger Hamilton ...

Optus Language Accountants Brisbane

Business Innovation, Marketing

5 Language Lessons all Businesses can Learn from Optus

Just this morning I read this letter from Optus. And you must be wondering why on earth an accountant is writing about a letter from Optus.  So here’s some context for you.  I have really lear...

Five Trends accountants brisbane

Business Innovation

5 Trends That Are Already Shaping Your Business and Determining Your Profits

What you were doing 5 years ago is vastly different from what you’re doing today. So how prepared are you for the next 5 years? And will you profit? Roger Hamilton will. Roger Hamilton is a futuris...

Speaking Rituals Accountants Brisbane

Business Innovation, Marketing

3 Speaking Rituals Entrepreneurs can use before Public Speaking

It’s no doubt that public speaking is an easy feat for mastering. Some make it look so easy, and yet it can paralyse those who are finding their feet.  Myself included! One of my key numbers in...

Chartered Accountants Inspire CA Brisbane

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CAANZ Brand Ambassador – A Hub for Innovation in Brisbane

Late 2014, I was asked by Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand (CAANZ) to be a brand ambassador for the Chartered Accountants program. What it led to was an interview and mini-documentary on wh...

Inspire CA Team Accountants Brisbane

Human Resources

Hiring Smart: How to build your team for growth

Growth it great.  But not when it kills us! When we all of a sudden have an influx of work, this stresses the team and us, as the business owner. We often hear our clients who are experiencing rapid ...

When are Meals Tax Deductible Accountants Brisbane

Tax Planning

Chewing the Fat: When are Meals Tax Deductible to a Business

Taking team members, clients and suppliers out for a meal can be an opportunity to start, or further develop, a great working relationship. Many small business owners even choose to cover the cost of ...

Basketball Michael Jordan accountants brisbane

Know Your Numbers

Bring your game into 2015: Michael Jordan knows his numbers

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about a baseball team using numbers to win.  And in that same week, hearing a quote, I realised something about Michael Jordan’s career. Michael Jordan would...

Choosing Your Accountant Change Accountants Brisbane

Choosing Your Accountant

Choosing An Accountant: 10 Questions to ask when looking to Change Accountants

What really annoys me is the Generally Accepted Poor Standards, or “GAPS”, in the accounting industry.  Accountants have the power to change the lives of business owners, but most of them...

change accountants brisbane

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New Years Resolution: 5 Urgent Reasons to Change Accountants in 2015

Most business owners are not happy with their current accountant.  So why don’t they change accountants? Studies show that we sometimes prefer working with the devil we know, to avoid the unkno...

jerry seinfeld calendar accountants brisbane

Measuring Key Numbers

Don’t Break the Chain: How Jerry Seinfeld measured success

A few months ago, I was reading a write up about Jerry Seinfeld and how he tracked and measured success. The concept that he shared was to track visually, on a calendar, the days that you complete a t...

conversion rate accountants brisbane

Conversion Rate

You’re Killing Conversion: Why you should stop doing Quotes in Xero

Business owners underestimate the power of good quality proposals and a great conversion rate on their business. A quote is not a proposal A proposal, in my books, gets to the heart of your business, ...

Plan to Profit in 2015 - Accountants Brisbane

Know Your Numbers

Plan to Profit 2015 – Webinar Replay

Here’s the recording of our “Plan for Profit” webinar – where we share how you can use the numbers to increase profitability in 2015. We put this webinar together in response t...

Plan to Profit 2015 - Accountants Brisbane

Know Your Numbers

Plan to Profit 2015 – Holiday Reading List

You might be familiar with Bill Gates’ almost life long habit, to go away on his summer holidays with a suitcase of books to read. And for our upcoming workshop, Plan to Profit in 2015, I’...

3 Numbers to focus on when it comes to websites

Know Your Numbers

3 Numbers to focus on when it comes to Websites

If you hadn’t picked me yet, I’m a fan of numbers – and appreciate high performing websites.  So it’s only fate that I should write an article on what numbers you should monit...

How a baseball team used numbers to win

Know Your Numbers

How a Baseball team used Numbers to Win

Call it coincidence, but over the past couple of days, I’ve discovered that the sporting “greats” use numbers to win. What do I mean by this? Well, let’s look at the example of...

Taking the numb out of numbers Ben Walker accountants brisbane

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Taking the ‘Numb’ out of Numbers – Brisbane Business News

The original article was published by Brisbane Business News and written by Jenna Rathbone on 27 November 2014.   ACCOUNTING 101 is enough to drive some business owners mundane mad, but  Ben Walker ...

Ben Walker Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Award

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[Award] Brisbane Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 Finalist

In November 2014, I was excited to be announced as a finalist in the Brisbane Business News “Brisbane Young Entrepreneur of the Year” awards. Each year, the Brisbane Business News searches from Br...

One Number - Accountants Brisbane

Know Your Numbers

What’s Your One Number to Focus on in Your Business?

Adapted from Gary Keller’s recent book, “The ONE Thing”, what is the ONE number you could focus on, such that by improving it everything else would be easier or unnecessary? What we want to iden...

Working Capital Cash Flow

Cash flow

To Increase Cash Flow: Know Your Working Capital Days

We all know that cash is king. And what is more necessary than optimal cash flow in your business? While Revenue and Profit are a “must” to measure, neither of them give any insight into your busi...

Home office deductions

Tax Planning

Can I claim the kitchen sink? Do’s and Don’ts for Home Office Deductions

With the rise in cloud technology making the need to have a fixed ‘place of business’ outside the home far less important than it once was, many small business owners are choosing to operate from ...

How to Pay Yourself from a Company or Trust

Tax Planning

How Do I Pay Myself From My Company or Trust?

We have been asked three times in the past week, “How do I pay myself?”. This is a very valid question, and one that has a few complexities.  Let me try to keep it simple… This Diff...

Ben Walker bond appetit podcast accountants brisbane

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Why you should eat a GST Free Diet with one of Anthill’s 30 under 30, Mr Ben Walker – Bond Appetit

This podcast was recorded and published by Bond Appetit and Ronsley Vaz. The original article can be found here.   Podcast: Play in new window | Download Ben Walker is the Chief Inspiration Officer ...

Business Structures Part 6 - The Dangers: What if I get it wrong?

Tax Planning

Business Structuring Made Easy! Part 6: The Dangers – What if I Get it Wrong?

In order to reinforce the importance of selecting the right business structure, our final article in this series looks at the consequences of getting the choice wrong and the potential costs associate...

Courier Mail accountants brisbane

Media, print

“Leap of Faith” – Queensland Business Monthly

This article was originally published in the Queensland Business Monthly, a lift out in the Courier Mail, Friday 29th of August 2014. Written by Nicole Madigan.      Having worked in the accoun...

7 Marketing Blogs to Share With Your Clients

Cloud Accounting

7 Impressive Marketing Blogs You Can Share With Your Clients

I’m sure that you can relate with your clients that developing engaging content takes an enormous, disciplined effort to get momentum. So does everything that’s worth it. Best of all? Like the...

Ben Walker Anthill Online 30 under 30 Accountant Brisbane

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[Award] Anthill Online 30under30 2014

Ben has been humbled to be named as one of the Anthill Online 30under30 for 2014. 30under30 is an Anthill initiative that was launched in early 2008 to encourage and promote entrepreneurship among you...

Smashing Sales

Cloud Accounting

Smashing Sales – How to Create a Winning Sales Process

We’re all masters at something.  But never masters at everything. Sales can be a nasty roadblock to an otherwise phenomenal business. I’ve jotted down a few points below of how you can ve...

BMag logo accountants brisbane

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World’s first gluten free… accounting firm cafe? – bmag

The original article was published by bmag, written by Taylare Madden on Sunday 6th July, 2014.   Inspire Cafe has gone completely Gluten Free, and only accountants are invited. An accounting fir...

Chartered Accountants Brisbane

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Public Practice Innovation Case Study – Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand

 The original article was published by the Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand. Written by Bernard Kellerman and photography by Marcus Bell.   A Brisbane CA has created a café where sma...

Live Your Legend Logo Accountants Brisbane

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Announcing The Live Your Legend ‘Unofficial’ Music Video! –

The original article was published by, and written by Scott Dinsmore June 25, 2014.   Believe it or not, Live Your Legend has a music video… And it’s not the one of me path...


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7 Things Business Owners MUST Implement BEFORE June 30

We often find in business that many entrepreneurs and business owners are moments away from realising the potential that a few small changes in their modus operandi (or “method of operation̶...


Cloud Accounting

5 Ideas to Quickly Gain Credibility for Your Service Business

When you’re starting a new service business or offering a new service, it’s important to maximise credibility and confidence for your first customers or clients, whether through review sites, soci...

Profit Recipe

Cloud Accounting

Planning to Profit: How the Best Businesses Set their Revenue and Profit Targets for Growth

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin Most small business owners know this quote (and the meaning behind it) all too well. But when it comes to business growth, you...

Inspire Cafe Interior

Cloud Accounting

How We Created a Warmth Within Inspire Cafe

It’s fairly commonly witnessed that we’re 50% more likely to share a bad experience on social media, than we are a good one. To buck that trend is exactly why I’m sharing our experie...

business structures trusts

Tax Planning

Business Structuring Made Easy! Part 5: Family Trusts

A trust is a structure wherein a Trustee (either an individual or company) carries on the operations of the Trust on behalf of the beneficiaries. The actions of the Trustee are governed by the Trust D...

Business Structures Company

Tax Planning

Business Structures Made Easy! Part 4: Companies

Unlike a sole trader who essentially is the business, a company is a separate legal entity with directors who run the business and shareholders who own it. When business owners are interested in restr...

Clients that dont belong in your business

Cloud Accounting

Life’s Too Short: Four Types of Bad Clients That Don’t Belong in Your Business

A few weeks ago I was reading Firm of the Future, co-authored by Paul Dunn (one of my mentors) and Ronald Baker, which included this story. A young and upcoming partner in a firm was appointed to Mana...

Business Structures Partnerships

Tax Planning

Business Structures Made Easy! Part 3: Partnerships

A partnership is a common and relatively inexpensive way to set up a business. It involves 2 or more co-owners (the partners) participating together in a business operation. In order for a partnership...


Cloud Accounting

QBSA to QBCC: Just a Name Change? 10 Steps They’re Taking

On 1 December 2013 the Queensland Building Services Authority (QBSA), Queensland’s governing body for the Building and Construction Industry, was replaced by the Queensland Building and Construction...

Bean scene accountants brisbane

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Inspire Cafe – Bean Scene

This article was originally published in the April 2014 issue of Bean Scene magazine.  Article written by Sarah Baker. Inspire Cafe 32 Doggett Street, Newstead Queensland, 4006 Open Monday to Friday ...


Tax Planning

CGT Main Residence Exemption – Tips, Tricks, and Traps

Under ordinary circumstances the sale of a property would attract Capital Gains Tax (CGT). However, you can avoid paying CGT if you sell a dwelling that is considered to be your main place of residenc...

Pricing Power - Accountants Brisbane

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[Podcast] The accountant with a coffee shop in his office. – Pricing Power

The original article was published by Pricing Power on 26 March 2014. Written by Steve Major.  You can access the Pricing Power podcast here.   Why would an accountant open a coffee shop as part...

Business Structures Part 2: Sole Traders

Business Structures

Business Structures Made Easy! Part 2: Sole Trader

 Should I Trade as a Sole Trader? Establishing a business as a sole trader is the simplest form of business structure. It is relatively easy and inexpensive to start and maintain. Many sole traders c...

Business Structures Part 1 The Basics

Tax Planning

Business Structures Made Easy! Part 1: The Basics

One of the most important decisions a business owner needs to make (after the name of the business of course!) is the choice of business structure. In fact, getting this choice right is so important t...


Cloud Accounting

Email Speed Dating: Tackling 50 emails in 50 minutes

Every second and fourth Friday of the month we hold the Inspiring Business at Inspire Cafe event. It’s a great way to wrap up a big week! Recently, I’d made a breakthrough in something that I now ...


Cloud Accounting

Shoot to Thrill! How to Hit Your Business Targets Every Time

Whether you think precision shooting (or “sniping”) is an art or a sport, you soon learn how much technical skill is involved. You also learn how much difference there is between a skilled shooter...


Cloud Accounting

Don’t Drive Your Business with Crap on the Windscreen – Why Xero Keeps it Clean

Imagine you’ve unknowingly parked under a tree full of birds, who all decide to use your windscreen for target practice. By the time you hop back in your car is covered in so much crap you can barel...


Cloud Accounting

Businesses for Good: Embedding the Concept of Giving into Everyday Life

One of the most exciting aspects of modern life is the feeling we wake up with every morning that something amazing could happen at any given time. The world is so huge, people are diligently working ...


Tax Planning

De-Mystifying Superannuation Contributions and Bonus Structures

Every good employer knows that rewarding your employees properly is the best investment in your company’s future you can make. (Maybe tying for importance with the correct business structure!) With ...

Golden Nest Egg

Tax Planning

Ensure you Insure – The Golden Egg

This guest article was written by Nick Webb, Financial Adviser of Brisbane Wealth Management firm, Stonehouse Wealth Management. Ensure you Insure – The Golden Egg I would like to share a story with...


Tax Planning

Think you are a contractor? The ATO may disagree!

Ever since the introduction of the Australian Business Number (ABN), the issue of Contractors (or Sole Traders) versus Employees has been a constant topic of conversation – and with good reason....


Cloud Accounting

Why employees who take the day off actually get more work done!

Australian’s love a break from work. And what’s not to love – time off means family, friends, sunshine and an opportunity to recuperate. Whether they’re on annual leave, a public holiday or th...

B1G1 Business for Good Accountants Brisbane

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Sitting Back and Thinking Forward – B1G1: Business for Good

The original article was published by B1G1: Business for Good on 3rd February 2014.  Written by Ted Schellenburg.   When we met Ben Walker, the CIO of B1G1 Lifetime Partner, Inspire CA in Brisb...


Cloud Accounting

The 21st Century Benefits of Online Signing Software

It’s become a bit of a joke – “Where are the flying cars?” Science Fiction from decades past always envisioned the 21st Century with a few key elements of futuristic technology: The laser ...


Cloud Accounting

How Your Industry Rewards High Performance

This was this was transcribed and edited from a talk by Daniel Priestley. It has been posted with permission from Daniel Priestley (@DanielPriestley) and the team at Ho...


Cloud Accounting

5 Things For Business owners to Implement Now for a Successful Year Ahead

With the first quarter of the calendar year well underway, it’s time to look at setting up the year for success. One of the biggest challenges we see in business is the lack of planning. In a lot of...


Cloud Accounting

Trade Marks: What are they worth?

Guest article written by Nathan Donovan, Principal of Brisbane commercial law firm, Donovan Legal. When I talk to business owners about trade marks, they usually come back at me with the same old reac...


Tax Planning

Your business, government grants and tax incentives. Are you cashing in?

Thomas Edison once said that “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration”. Unfortunately, going from that inspirational idea to the finished product takes a lot more than hard w...


Tax Planning

3 Reasons Reducing Your Tax Refund Makes Weird Sense

Every year Australian Taxpayers lodge their income tax returns and celebrate the refund cheques the Australian Taxation Office is kind enough to provide. A tax refund is viewed as the mid-year governm...


Cloud Accounting

Doing the Numbers

After our Christmas Party and Inspire Cafe Launch Party in December 2013, it was time to take a hard-earned break from the first of many big years at Inspire CA.  I’d like to take a moment to refle...


Tax Planning

The ATO, the Christmas Grinch, and your office party

The festive season is upon us once again, which means it’s time for our business clients’ questions and concerns about the costs associated with their staff Christmas parties. “Is the Christmas ...


Cloud Accounting

Are You Using The 80/20 Rule? Or Is It Using You? 2 Simple Profit Improvement Business Ideas

In 1906, Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto observed that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. He also observed that 80% of the peas in his garden stemmed from 20% of the pods. ...

B1G1 Business for Good Accountants Brisbane

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Pushing the Envelope (with coffee??) – B1G1: Business for Good

The original article was published by B1G1: Business for Good on 14 October 2013. Written by Paul Dunn.   Ben Walker’s one of those guys you love to meet. Looks sharp, is sharp and clearly on t...


Cloud Accounting

Cashflow By Design: 3 Ways WorkflowMAX Creates ‘Cashflow MAX’ For Design And Creative Agencies

Many design agencies and creatives use a business model where getting paid is one of the last steps in the job cycle. While we’re fans of both the ‘price upfront’ and ‘get paid upfront’ pric...


Cloud Accounting

Zero Excuses: 4 Reasons Xero Rocks Your Business World

You and Henry Ford have some common characteristics. Both entrepreneurs. Both growth oriented. Both focused on systems and processes that enable your  business to scale and grow. Ford achieved it wit...


Cash flow

FAST CASH FLOW: Three Easy Ways To Get Paid Faster

Cash can kill a business. Well, a lack of it can. In recent weeks a number of clients and friends shared with us concerns about their cash flow. While some are putting it down to election concern slow...


Tax Planning

Hobby or Business – Eight simple questions to ask yourself

With more and more entrepreneurial businesses popping up, we’ve come across a few clients who are wondering when a weekend hobby turns into a tax generating “business”. Generally, if...


Cloud Accounting

We’re all about the Underdog

The ground ain’t no place for a champion – Muhammad Ali We LOVE hearing stories of the unlikely people in life achieving so much with their lives – professionally or personally.  Th...

apple tree

Cloud Accounting

Do you see an apple seed, or an apple tree?

“What you are [going] to be, you are now becoming” After our first few months out and about, we’ve seen some HUGE potential to lead our clients and future clients to the next level!...


Choosing Your Accountant

Why use a Chartered Accountant?

We are frequently asked what the difference is between an ‘Accountant’ and ‘Chartered Accountant’. This article aims to give you an insight to the differences between an ‘...


Cloud Accounting

Start with “Why”

“The more people you inspire, the more people will inspire you” We were recently heard a speaker refer to Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle“. This is a concept where the great...