How Do I Pay Myself From My Company or Trust?

How to Pay Yourself from a Company or Trust

We have been asked three times in the past week, “How do I pay myself?”. This is a very valid question, and one that has a few complexities.  Let me try to keep it simple… This Differs Between a Company and a Trust. While you can draw money out either […]

Smashing Sales – How to Create a Winning Sales Process

Smashing Sales

We’re all masters at something.  But never masters at everything. Sales can be a nasty roadblock to an otherwise phenomenal business. I’ve jotted down a few points below of how you can very simply streamline the sales in your business. Have a Sales Process Sometimes procrastination to follow up leads […]

7 Things Business Owners MUST Implement BEFORE June 30


We often find in business that many entrepreneurs and business owners are moments away from realising the potential that a few small changes in their modus operandi (or “method of operation”) can have on their business.  This is without mentioning the amount of planning and strategy that can be used […]

5 Ideas to Quickly Gain Credibility for Your Service Business


When you’re starting a new service business or offering a new service, it’s important to maximise credibility and confidence for your first customers or clients, whether through review sites, social media or word-of-mouth. Unfortunately, people are often nervous about buying a product or service when they can’t find any positive […]

How We Created a Warmth Within Inspire Cafe

Inspire Cafe Interior

It’s fairly commonly witnessed that we’re 50% more likely to share a bad experience on social media, than we are a good one. To buck that trend is exactly why I’m sharing our experience with Li Wang, aka “CreativLi” in this short video. We contacted Li early into our design […]

Business Structuring Made Easy! Part 5: Family Trusts

business structures trusts

A trust is a structure wherein a Trustee (either an individual or company) carries on the operations of the Trust on behalf of the beneficiaries. The actions of the Trustee are governed by the Trust Deed, which details the rights and obligations of all parties. Trusts are a common structure […]